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Inventory management is an important but time-consuming aspect of any business and it can become even more costly if done incorrectly. At Winangali Logistics we have the team and systems to manage your inventory thereby reducing your stock on hand.  This will assist you in managing working capital and reduce your supply chain costs. 

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Managing supply chains

Supply Chain

We can manage your supply chain from unloading containers at our warehouse to coordinating short- or long-term storage.  Our team also conduct stocktaking and we prepare regular stock reports, so you are always informed of your stock levels. 

Inventory system

Our internet-based inventory management system assists you to review stock levels and make accurate decisions with respect to the purchase of new stock, which translates into reduced management costs and capital investment.

Stock Flows

We provide our staff the tools to efficiently pick and count inventory accurately, and answer customer queries on the spot.  We also use the data from the system to assist our customers to plan the purchase of new stock based on existing stock levels and previous stock.  


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